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Our program will gently introduce your children to the excitement of learning on a multi-sensory level. Play will be the vehicle by which we will take your child through a happy and secure beginning. This program is designed to be unconstructed, providing a level of care warranted by the uniqueness of each child. We create a comfortable "home-away-from-home" atmosphere which encourages parental involvement and gives each child a sense of beginning.

Creative Garden Nursery School & Learning Centers Curriculum

Our children are provided with a learning environment and a social climate which helps them grow intellectually,

socially, emotionally, and physically in a manner appropriate to their age and stage of development.


We have the necessary skills and experience needed to tailor our programs to suit your child's unique learning needs and learning style. Sign up for outstanding and professional child care services offered by Creative Garden Nursery School & Learning Centers. Give us a call today to schedule a tour.

 -  Multi-sensory infant and toddler program

 -  2-year-old program

 -  3- and 4-year-old program

 -  Transitional program

 -  Kindergarten program


We offer you and your child 3 convenient locations; all staffed with college-degreed lead teachers, to ensure your child receives the best child care and education in the area.


Our programs:

Infant & Toddler Program

Providing a strong beginning that will last your child a lifetime.

Creative Garden will start your two year old on a wonderful journey which will enhance their communication skills and social development in a warm and loving atmosphere. Picture stories and simple poetry will introduce your children to the world of picture representation, creative expression in music, rhythms, dramatic play and art activities. Colors, shapes, numbers, and reading readiness are all part of our early learning program.

Two Year Old Program

Our three and four year old children will delight as the discovery of learning continues through a spiralling reading readiness and math approach that will prepare them for our five year old program. Language arts, phonics, Spanish, science, and social graces are all part of a challenging curriculum offered by Creative Garden.

Three & Four Year Old Program

The older four year old child, who is ready for the structure of kindergarten, is challenged in the "transitional class." Math, reading, cultural arts, music, Spanish, science and the various multitude of art forms comprise the curriculum of this "bridging" year between four year old classes and kindergarten.

Transitional Program


Glen Burnie

Kindergarten Program

A lifetime of learning continues with our kindergarten class. Children will experience the joy of learning beginning with their first school day and culminating at their graduation. Reading skills progress to the point where the children feel the thrill and excitement of reading their first story. They will explore and discover the world of natural science, scientific experiments, map skills, music comprehension, and multi-media crafts. The Metropolitan Readiness Test is administered to all kindergarten children. The discoveries that each child will experience in the kindergarten program, from reasoning skills to a greater understanding of the world around them, lay the foundation for the first grade and beyond.

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Creative Garden Nursery School & Learning Centers